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Slot machines Thunder Spins online can be found in a variety of virtual casinos. This slot can be attributed, if not to the dying, then rather rare kind of direct followers of the very canonical, one-armed bandit. While most developers are doing their best to at least somehow diversify the monotony of their slots, adding special effects, custom fields, multi-level bonus systems to them, the Thunder Reels slot machine goes a completely different way, observing all existing slot traditions as much as possible.

In this review you will find the secrets of the Thunder Spins slot machine, as well as a number of descriptions of its distinguishing features, the understanding of which can increase your chances of success.

Slot features

Being the creation, the Thunder Spins gaming slot is different from most of the same type games of the recognized giants of slot building. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because someone will miss the usual elements, good because it can be an opportunity to look at the slots the way the developers of the very first machines of this genre wanted.

Thunder Spins gaming machine is a relatively new game that implements old mechanics with small additions. Its RTP is 96.13%, which is a good indicator of the generosity of the slot. The risk level is estimated by most experts as medium, which means that you can get good dividends without having to pour large amounts into the slot and spending several hours. Unusual for modern gamblers, the matrix has a dimension of 3×3 and supports 5 lines, the number of which cannot be changed in any way.

Since the game uses a modern technical base, it will run perfectly and work on any device, whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Winning combinations

Slot machines Thunder spins online

So, how to win at Thunder Spins slot machine? Like in any other bet, place a bet, crank the reels and hope that a winning combination falls on them. Fortunately, these same combinations are not so many, given the small number of characters available:

  • Symbols “X” in a row on one line will increase your money three times

  • Oranges, cherries, lemons and plums, falling in the amount of three pieces on one line, increase the player’s bet eight times

  • The three “Bar” characters, combined, have a factor of 12

  • Stars will further enhance your mood and improve the state of your account their triple loss will increase the bet by 40 times

Traditionally, the most profitable are the three “sevens”, which increase the money delivered by 150 times.

Characteristics: 3×3 matrix, 5 pay lines, no wild, no doubling game, RTP 96.3%, moderate risk.

The Thunder Rotation slot machine does not have a wild or a doubling game, however, if you manage to fill all 9 reel cells with the same symbol, you will not only get a good win on all five lines, but also double it. Unfortunately, such a “trick” only works with “fruit” cells.