Houston is pretty big

You won’t feel limited when it comes to housing. There’s something for every age and stage in life. Best of all, the Houston region enjoys some of the lowest housing costs in the nation. When compared to the 20 most populous metros, housing costs in Houston are 36.6 percent below average.

Which would your ideal dream home have?

When it comes to choosing an area to live, how important is access to good schools?

How often do you go out with friends or enjoy new dining experiences during the week?

Which of the following would best describe your ideal (or current) daily commute?

Which of following would best describe your weekends?

How frequently would you visit a museum or participate in an art showing?

When it comes to your community surroundings, which do you prefer?

Would you prefer to live inside of the loop or outside of the loop?

When it comes to community activity, what do you prefer?

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