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15 Walls in Houston You Gotta’ See

August 4, 2016

Its official, Houston has a ton of street art and you’ll need a significant amount of time to see it all. To help you find some of the best new walls, I’ve compiled a list of 15 that you need to check out right now. So, grab your camera and spend an amazing day finding all of these because, well, YOU GOTTA SEE. Enjoy! #HoustonNoLimits #ShelbiNicole #GreaterHoustonPartnership (NOTE: These are listed in no particular order)

15. The Secret Group’s Black & White Wall
Located at 2101 Polk St. Houston, TX 77003
This black and white wall creates an optical illusion for the eye and is unlike any other wall you’ve seen in Houston. Since its completion, Instagrammers, Photographers and even musicians have been seen daily at the wall shooting videos and taking photos. The business inside these walls is called “The Secret Group” and has just recently opened its doors for all sorts of comedy, concert and art show events.

black and white wall

14. The Polka Dot Wall
Located at 6521 N Main St. Houston, TX 77009

The #PolkaDotWall is located on the exterior sidewall of Haute Dimensions, the cutest boutique in the Heights. The mother-daughter owner duo have a love for fashion, which is why they opened the boutique. But they also really love polka dots, so they had ME paint this lovely wall. It’s a must-see for all you bloggers and photogs, as it creates such a fun backdrop for those fabulous style posts you’re planning.

polka dot wall


13. The Colorful COPE Graffiti Wall
Located at 6697 Capitol St. Houston, TX

This wall was created as part of the HUE Mural Festival and is located alongside tons of other great artwork off Capitol Street. The artist who created it, Fernando Carlo Jr aka “Cope 2”, has exhibited paintings in solo and group shows all over the world. He is a celebrated legend that’s contributed over 30 years to the graffiti street art culture and his piece of work here in Houston is a big deal, so go see it.

graffiti wall graffiti wall

12. The Abstract Happy Beach Wall
Located at 800 Chartres Houston, TX

This lovely wall was created as part of the HUE Mural Fest in 2015 by artists Zosen and Mina Hamada. The pair have been painting these whimsical murals all over the world and Houston is fortunate enough to have one. I have to say this is my favorite mural in Houston. The wall screams pure happiness kind of vibes and brings that energy to the eastside.

happy beach wall


11. The “Rail to the Sea” Wall
Located at Sawyer St. at Winter Street Studios, TX 77007

This new mural is titled “Rail to the Sea” and was created by artist Janavi M. Folmsbee. This colorful new wall on Sawyer St. was created for the City of Houston through the Leadership Houston Class XXXIV, and support from the Washington Avenue Arts District. It is meant to help beautify our city and create a shared community experience. So far, it’s working.

rail to sea wall


10. The Turquoise Wall Dedicated to “The Working Class”
Located at Yale & 13th St. Houston, TX 77008

This new work of art popped up on the corner of Yale and 13th Street in The Heights a few weeks ago and it’s bringing new life to an outdated strip center. This mural was created by Ignacio E. Sanchez aka “Nacho” who says “it is dedicated to all of the hard workers out there.”

turquoise wall


9. “It’s Time to Level Up” Wall
Rice Village, 2400 Village Dale Ave #177, Houston, TX 77005

Gonzo 247, a well-known Houston artist, just added some major color to Rice Village with this new graffiti wall located next to the New York & Company store. Next time you’re in the village go and check it out and see if you can read what it says.

time to level up wall


8. The Downtown JW Marriott Wall
Located at 806 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

This mural was created by Houston based artist Michael C. Rodriguez on the side of an old historic building in downtown Houston that is now The JW Marriott Hotel. The Marriott building is depicted in part of the background and there is a brightly-colored cartoon-like woman with a general theme of “travel.” It is signature Michael C Rodriguez work and it’s great!

jw mariott wall


7. The Out of This World Wall
Located at N. Main and Gargan Street

This is just another amazing mural by extremely talented Houston based artist Gelson Danilo Lemus aka w3r3on3. He has been creating works of art for the last 17 years and has established a unique and distinguishable three-dimensional style, which often illustrates movement. You’ve really got to see his work in person and this wall is a great starting point.

out of this world wall


6. The Giant UHD Gator Eye
Located in the Daly St. Lot at 501 N. Main St. Houston, TX 77002

This huge close up view of an alligator’s eye is just one of three walls that famed Houston artist Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau painted on this building. The University of Houston’s Downtown campus hired Mr. D to transform this old run down building, on its’ campus, into a work of art. It represents their mascot and its intention is to instill school pride in the students and provide better visibility of the campus from a far. This eye mural is on the back side of the building and is lesser known to the public, but is certainly a site to see.

giant gator eye wall


5. The Beauty of Diversity Wall
Located at the corner of Smith & Elgin St. Houston, TX 77002

Artist Michael Savoie, a native of Port Arthur, has been gaining national recognition recently with his colorful abstract murals like this one, located right here in Houston’s Midtown. His work, which he describes as “abstract realism,” has also been featured in Fox’s popular show Empire. I’d suggest snapping a picture of this piece, on the side of this abandoned building, before it’s too late

beauty of diversity wall


4. The “Synchronicity of Color” Wall
Located at 1500 McKinney St. Houston, TX 77010

This unique color wall was commissioned by Discovery Green and completed by Margo Sawyer, a professor of art at the University of Texas at Austin. The park certainly needed some color and that’s exactly what Ms. Sawyer delivered. This massive metal box is not only a great place to snap pictures, but also a serious Pokémon hotspot. Check it out.

color wall


3. The Old Post Office LOVE Wall
Located at 1050 Yale St. Houston, TX 77008

Chances are, you’ve probably seen the word “LOVE” on the side of a Houston building or seen a vertical panel nailed to a telephone pole that says “LOVE.” If you haven’t, then you need to, because Houston-based street artist Wiley Robertson has made it his mission to spread positivity through his art. There are tons of these “LOVE” themed murals all over the city, but this one in particular is his newest. It spans one side of the old Post Office on Yale and can’t be missed if you’re passing by. I just LOVE it.

old post office love wall


2. The Giant Red Haired Lady
Located at William & Nance St. Houston, TX 77020

I accidently stumbled upon this hidden treasure while searching for parking just around the corner from Houston’s long standing Mexican restaurant, Last Concert Café. This red headed cutie is painted on the exterior loading dock of a building filled with art studios. Everything about this portrait is right and it adds to the happy energy of this quaint little downtown street.

giant red haired lady


1. The Converted Brick Wall with Zippers
Located at 6697 Capitol St. Houston, TX

This wall was completed as part of the HUE Mural Festival by legendary artist Kelly Gravel, aka Risk Rock. Risk has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for decades, but recently graced Houston with one of his original designs in the form of a giant zipper wall. You’ve got to see this.

converted black wall with zippers


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